We keep you safe
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We solve your current security needs regardless of where, when or how. 

We customize security according to your specific needs and deliver surveillance with the most experienced and elite personnel on the market.

Protection Company AB has from the beginning, in 2012, worked with high risk surveillance in an embassy setting as well as diplomatic security. Our company consists of well-educated security personnel with relevant and legally required educations within the security sector. We emphasize focus on security consciousness, language knowledge and social competence.

Protection Company is run with over 50 years of experience in the security sector including personal protection, international protection requests, Swedish Parliament and surveillance in the national, county and private sector.

We work alongside the best partners in the business in order to elevate the security for our customers beyond what the mainstream surveillance market has to offer. This means that we are more attentive, more thorough and more structured than most of our competition.

We work with several sub-contractors in order to offer our customers the absolute cutting-edge products in technical and mechanical security technology.

As consultants we offer a security analysis and assessment on all levels, for Heads of Security, Security Coordinators and Security instructors

Contact us today for a whole new security experience.

Our Services

Embassy Protection
Personnel with weapons training, at least 10 years of experience with special dignitary clients and with language knowledge.

Stationary Security

For clients who require high or specialized security we can offer experienced and educated personnel who encompass a wide range of skills to ensure that each client’s security needs are individually met.

Hotel Security
For hotels and conference centers with the need for special security in combination with service we have, through time and experience, developed a unique concept. Discrete, service minded and secure with specific solutions for specific needs.

Security Analysis
Small- or large-scale risk analysis and assessment within a broad spectrum in accordance with the client’s specific requirements. If it’s an alarm or personal protection, we will work with and for you to realize and rectify your security needs.

Financial Waste

We have extensive experience and knowledge of financial waste prevention and reasons thereof within hotels, trades and construction. To identify the extent and reason is key to managing financial waste for any business.